Dom Starsia Speaks about the Importance of Playing Other Sports

Posted: October 1, 2010 by Paul Rai in College Lacrosse, The Lacrosse Program
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Dom Starsia is the head coach of the Virginia Cavaliers Men’s Lacrosse Team.  With his team always fighting for top 10 in the college rankings, it is clear Mr. Starsia knows what he is talking about.

Dom Starsia is saying in this article that playing other sports is a benefit to lacrosse athletes. It is clear that you learn so much from other sports. For example what better way to work on your pick and roll then to be on a basketball team and have to practice that skill every day.  What you get from football is the experience of playing in a team defense and offense and having to work together and provide support for each other when someone gets beat. Playing other sports also keeps you fit and in shape for the lacrosse season.

In a country where hockey is king we see so many top athletes giving up the game of lacrosse to focus on hockey.   How does this benefit the overall athletic development of the individual?  I argue that is a detriment to the long-term advancement of that person.  In The Lacrosse Program we have realized the importance of giving our students the opportunity to bounce a basketball, throw a football and hold a yoga pose.  Providing other athletic experiences will only help that athlete.  This needs to be stressed to all of our lacrosse athletes to keep them in the game and develop this sport further in the province.  We have excellent players moving out of our sport to focus on hockey.  If Jarrett Toll can play in the WHL and in the BC Junior A lacrosse league in the same year, then many of our younger athletes can still combine the two sports.


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