Starting the Recruiting Process

Posted: October 25, 2010 by Paul Rai in College Lacrosse, Recruiting, The Lacrosse Program
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Today in the Program we had the opportunity to sit down with the students and begin developing their academic and athletic profile.  This profile will form the foundation of their recruiting package.  This package will be the information that they will share with college coaches during their recruiting process.  Not all of our students will want to pursue a post secondary opportunity, but we feel that working through this process will, at the minimum, give students the chance to develop a portfolio of their accomplishments.  This can then be used to assist students in building their resumes for work or for a college application.

One thing we have recognized is that students need to know what the recruiting process is all about and how much work is required to market yourself to coaches.  Getting exposure in Alberta can be difficult, but can be done.  Students need to invest their time into making themselves known to NCAA coaches.  We will continue to work with the students to educate them and lead them through the development of their profile.


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