Day 2 of Tournament – Video

Posted: November 22, 2010 by Paul Rai in The Lacrosse Program, Video
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Day 2 of the UPLAX tournament proved to be much better even though the team failed to win a game.  We lost the first game 5 -2 and then played two very good games losing 5-4 and then 8-6.  The team played with more confidence and determination the second day.  I believe that our improved play was due to the players figuring out the game and developing an understanding of the strategies involved.

We struggled with the advance rules that require moving the ball over half and into the offensive zone within a certain time limit.  The clearing of the ball is so important and this part of the game hurt us as we turned over the ball too many times.  We need to spend more time with our goalie and our defensemen on clearing skills.  Another part of the game that hurt us was faceoffs.  Faceoffs are so critical in the field lacrosse game and you need your draw man and your wingers working together to pick up loose balls.  We need to train faceoff players so we can compete at this level. 

None of the teams we played against had any outstanding inside shooters.  There were some athletic players that could run hard, dodge and shoot hard from the perimeter.  However, their inside game and quick stick ability was non-existent.  We definitely had some players that could finish better than them, we just were unable to get the ball to them enough during the tournament.

Taking these players to the tournament was a great experience.  For our players to improve we need more of these games.  We do not need 6 games we need 60 games for our players to truly understand the game.    Unfortunately we can not travel to Baltimore every weekend.  We need to find some options for game play closer to home. 

Video from our last tournament game.


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