Edmonton Rush Need Help – Video

Posted: January 30, 2011 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, Edmonton Rush, NLL, The Lacrosse Program, Video

I went to the Rush game on Friday and then spent Saturday night in front of the TV (how bad is that Citytv feed?) watching them in Calgary take on the Roughnecks in the second of the back to back games.  Friday’s contest was not even close as the Rush were sloppy all over the floor.  The Saturday game went into overtime, but again the dropped balls and miscues cost the Rush.  They are not in sync.  Players that have been offensive leaders in previous years are struggling.  The power play has been brutal as the team went 5 for 17 over the two games.  The Roughnecks in comparison went 8 for 14.  The biggest thing was Edmonton’s lack of finish on the power play when the desperately needed a goal.   Throw in the fact that Calgary won 41 out of 57 faceoffs and you realize in a hurry why the Rush never had the ball.

Calgary’s pressure defense was relentless and with Edmonton dropping easy catches they were always on their heels on the offensive zone.  Brodie Merrill was uncharacteristically missing some balls and getting stripped of the ball.  The team is not on the same page and with no wins in five games the pressure is just going to get higher.  The Rush will win.  They need something good to happen and get on a bit of a roll.

I did catch video of Jimmy Quinlan’s crease dive that ended up being a disallowed goal.  That is what the Rush need, someone to take the ball to the net.  I did see Derek Keenan getting Jimmy out a little more on the offensive side of the ball to start something.  Maybe they need more of that from Jimmy or someone else.


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