Kirby Zdrill Yale Lacrosse Update

Posted: February 8, 2011 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, College Lacrosse, Field Lacrosse, The Lacrosse Program
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I had the opportunity to catch up with Kirby Zdrill, who attends Yale and plays for the Mens Lacrosse team.  Kirby is a graduate of The Lacrosse Program and was one of the first young Edmonton players that was taken under the wing of Russ Sheppard.  Russ recognized the talent in Kirby and helped him to gain the exposure required to make it to Westminster School and then to Yale.  Kirby is a great example of a young man who had a vision and through his determination was able to achieve great things.  Now we all our hoping for Kirby to continue with his growth at Yale.  I also need to give Kirby more recognition.  Due to his great work ethic and impact at Westminster School he was able to pave the way for my son to attend the school.  With Russ and Kirby’s assistance, Tristan was accepted to Westminster School in Connecticut. Kirby left a great impression at Westminster as many teachers that I spoke to remember the contributions that Kirby made to the school.

Kirby was able to provide the following preseason outlook for the Yale Bulldogs:

We have our first scrimmage against Stonybrook this Sunday. We have returned a few players; our starting goalie is still here, most of our defense is sophomores, and our new captain is our best defender.  I have been playing middie and it’s actually been going well.   I am also currently on the first EMO (Extra Man Offense) group, which is good. We have run into some trouble though with our practice times, because its been snowing a ton here. We have had to practice inside in the gym a couple of times, which was rough, once on an astro turf field, and once on our field when it was plowed but still mostly frozen and thus very slippery. Here is the link to our website to get more information on the team.

Thanks to Kirby for the update and we will be keeping tabs on Kirby all season.


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