Update from Matt Pick of Whittier Lacrosse

Posted: February 13, 2011 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, College Lacrosse, Field Lacrosse, The Lacrosse Program
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Matt Pick, a one-time member of The Lacrosse Program provides us with an update from Whittier.  Matt attended The Lacrosse Program when the program was in it infancy.  Matt had always struggled to make the top box lacrosse teams as a youngster, until he met up with Russ Sheppard.  Russ recognized the athletic ability of Matt and got Matt involved in box and field lacrosse.  Russ recommended Matt to attend The Hill Academy where he was recruited to play NCAA lacrosse at Whittier College. When I think back at how far Matt has come from I am proud of the effort he put into the game as well as the work we have done at the program.  Matt is another example of a student-athlete that has excelled with proper guidance and people who believed in him.  Below is Matt’s outlook on the early season preparations of Whittier lacrosse.

We have only had one scrimmage against GCU from Arizona.  We did not have too much trouble keeping them to three goals but our offense could not finish the ball like we should have. We also were rotating everybody in including 5 goalies, 2 of them being freshman. We practice 3-5 every day in the sun and its amazing, last January we had two a days during a two week long rain storm and it was awful.  We have not had a single practice in the rain yet this year. Coaches and the players all feel really good about the upcoming season and for the returning players I think we can already see the gains we have made already from last year. Our biggest loss from last year would most likely be the graduating of two of our best captains, players and members of the team Corey Schab and Christian Wright.  The coaches did a real good job recruiting last year and we have a very strong and big freshman class which will be good to keep us competing for the next few years. Not much has started other than practices, lifting, stick workouts, and speed school. Our next competition is going to be against our Alumni which is on the 19th. Coach Kelly was bragging about having the strongest Alumni team coming this year than they have ever seen in the past.


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