TLP Power Students Go High in the Draft

Posted: February 24, 2011 by Paul Rai in Box Lacrosse, General Lacrosse, Junior Lacrosse, The Lacrosse Program
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Three of the top five picks in the recent Junior B draft are student-athletes in The Lacrosse Program at Vimy Ridge.  Ryan Davidge, Drew Deans and Evan Clark, all Grade 11 students at Vimy Ridge, were taken by the Sherwood Park Titans in last week’s draft.  Davidge and Deans went one and two in the draft with Clark being selected fifth overall.  Davidge is a strong offensive player with a great outside shot and the ability to finish in tight.  He is willing to get to the middle of the floor and can score from the tough areas.  Drew Deans is an athletic transition player that can play pressure defense and run the floor effortlessly.  He will bring offense from the backend.  Clark is a lanky offensive player that has grown significantly as a player since joining The Lacrosse Program.  Once Evan fills out his tall frame he will be a force in the Junior ranks.  The Lacrosse Program is proud of these three players and look forward to seeing their large contributions in the Junior ranks this summer.

The full list of the draft picks is below.  Congratulations to all players selected.

1 Titans Ryan Davidge
2 Titans Drew Deans
3 Warriors Dean Fairall
4 Crude Dylan Dokken
5 Titans Evan Clark
6 Warriors Chris Letendre
7 Crude Matt Spadafora
8 Titans Clayton Smyr
9 Warriors Ryan Ewasko
10 Titans Blake Mentanko
11 Titans Austin Marowitch
12 Warriors Jack Digluseppe
13 Crude Cory Evans
14 Titans Cam Pedersen
15 Warriors Jeffery Fisher
16 Crude Alex Perry
17 Titans Landon Lapenesse
18 Warriors Patrick O Neill
19 Crude Matt Murphy
20 Titans Travis Poseluzny
21 Warriors Drew Gingras
22 Crude Reece Runco
23 Titans Kearn Cleveley
24 Warriors Riley Sheen
25 Crude Tait Conroy
26 Titans Tanner Tasse
27 Warriors Mack Bligh
28 Crude Nicholas Krywolt
29 Titans Nick Moen
30 Warriors Andrew Ochocki
31 Crude Brad McDonald
32 Titans Kyten Fullone-Marianchuk
33 Warriors Cam Snider
34 Crude Colbey Franko
35 Titans Graham Williams
36 Warriors Brandon Iwanyshyn
37 Crude Cam Ellingson
38 Titans Jared Poole
39 Warriors Nathan Caskey

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