Playing Defense in Box Lacrosse – Video

Posted: March 26, 2011 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, The Lacrosse Program, Video
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When you watch young players play box lacrosse you see a lot of them cross-checking their opponents as hard as they can and chasing players for the big hit.  I have been to games where team are basically beating the crap out of each other when they are playing defense. The game of lacrosse is physical and there are some big time hits, but good defense in lacrosse requires excellent footwork, communication, vision and balance on your feet.  In the NLL there are some large men playing defense and there are players like Jimmy Quinlan who may not be a monster on the floor, but plays the defensive end of the floor with his head and feet.  In the clips of Jimmy you can watch how there is a lot of scanning the floor to see where there may be help required.  Players are not out there chasing the opposition down, but are more focused on good body and stick position.  When the player is in the danger area then it gets more physical.  Jimmy relies on taking space away and being in the shooting lane.  In the last clip you see a great hit when the help comes from the backside.   I think we need to teach our younger players to play defense more like basketball where there is better floor awareness.  Less focus on crushing guys and more focus on positioning and keeping the opposition out of the scoring areas.

  1. Great Defense!…nice job!

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