Notre Dame Lacrosse “Ball Bag” Drill – Video

Posted: March 27, 2011 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, College Lacrosse, Drills, Field Lacrosse, The Lacrosse Program, Video

Another great video from Notre Dame lacrosse that transfers well to the box lacrosse game.  The ability to pick up loose balls in box and field lacrosse is an important skill.  Teaching players to accelerate out of the loose ball with their stick and head up is key to loose ball success.  You can do this same drill in box lacrosse in a confined space.  Any age group can do this drill and when it is done at full speed it turns into a conditioning drill.  I did this drill with Midget box players and I added 5 burpees at the end of the loose balls to ramp up the conditioning.

I am impressed that Notre Dame lacrosse is sharing all these great videos for players and coaches.  It helps grow the game and gives coaches an insight into the different ways to teach players.  Great resource.


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