Eclipse vs Miners Junior A Lacrosse Highlights (Fight) – Video

Posted: July 7, 2011 by Paul Rai in General Lacrosse

Eclipse and Miners locked horns last night at Bill Hunter in an emotional and intense game that saw some fisticuffs near the end.  I was able to catch the fight between Connor Anderson and Tim Nolte.  Good bout with Nolte hitting Anderson hard to finish it off.  Nolte is a tough customer, but give Anderson credit for standing in there.  Eclipse won the game and also helped themselves avoid a first round match up against the loaded up Calgary Raiders.  Standings are not finalized, but it looks like the Eclipse will not finish fourth.  The game was sloppy at times, with the Miners really lacking any scoring punch from their offense.  The Eclipse have some older offensive players that seem to give them the edge.  The Miners look like they may finish fourth which could be a quick end to the season.  You never know though.  Funny things can happen in the playoffs.


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