Minto Cup 2011 Final Thoughts – Video

Posted: August 30, 2011 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, Junior A Lacrosse, Minto Cup, The Lacrosse Program
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The Whitby Warriors win the Minto Cup after being down 1 to 0 in games.  They win a tight Game 2 and then pull away in Game 3 to take the National Championship.  Credit goes to Derek Keenan for going to Zack Higgins in Game 2.  Higgins was the difference in the series as he made numerous spectacular saves to keep his team in the game.  Keenan also deserves credit for figuring out Coquitlam’s offensive tendencies and taking away the rhythm that the Adanacs had in Game 1.  I was able to see the first two games live, but was forced to watch the webcast for the last game.  Not the greatest commentating I have heard on a lacrosse game.  The announcers definitely need to work on their game knowledge.  As least the video feed was better than the round robin games.

The entire Final Series showed the lacrosse community how skilled the top junior players are in Canada.  It was a pleasure to travel to Okotoks and watch the games with the family.  The atmosphere was excellent and the tempo of the game was breathtaking.  A big complaint I do have was the time of the final game on Sunday.  An 8:00 PM on Sunday night definitely hurt the crowd size.  That is something they need to fix in the future.

I was able to catch some video of the second game.  The video is broken down by period.  Enjoy the skill and action.  Also enjoy the goaltending, it was exceptional.

Period 1

Period 2

Period 3


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