Vimy Lacrosse Shadow Days – Video

Posted: January 26, 2012 by Paul Rai in General Lacrosse, The Lacrosse Program, Video, Vimy Lacrosse

I work at the Vimy Lacrosse Program and I am proud of what we have accomplished in the program.  If you are interested in the program please visit to sign up for a shadow day.  A shadow day allows a prospective student to come and experience a day at program.  Please continue reading to learn more about VIMY LACROSSE.

VIMY LACROSSE, now in its 7th year, is a sport alternative program for Grades 7 to 12, operating in partnership with the Edmonton Public School Board. VIMY LACROSSE has been created to provide a training ground to develop players into Canada’s best lacrosse players.  Student-athletes in the program combine their academic and lacrosse pursuits within the school environment. Student-athletes receive 200 hours of direct lacrosse instruction over the school year.

The Fall Season focuses on Field Lacrosse instruction.  The nuances of the field lacrosse game are taught as students are exposed to the different skills and techniques required to be successful in the sport.  The focus in the Fall is on individual skill development such as ball handling, passing, shooting, one on one play and loose balls.  Goalies are provided instruction on angles, quickness, passing and ball stopping techniques.  The entire objective of the Fall Field Lacrosse sessions is to expose players to the unique aspects of the Field Lacrosse game.

In the Winter Season, VIMY LACROSSE heads indoors to the soccer centers for Box Lacrosse.  The students spend six months inside working on box lacrosse instruction.  The initial focus is on improving stick skills and executing those skills in an up tempo environment.  The key to success in box lacrosse is through numerous repetitions and high speed.  The program instills into the students an element of complexity in the drills to improve thinking during the game.  If students can think through the options quickly, their overall game play will improve exponentially.

As the Winter Season progresses the instruction moves towards tactical instruction such as 2 on 1 play, 3 on 2 play, 2 man game and 3 man game.  The objective is to teach the options available and how to read the play as it unfolds.  This leads to further team play instruction including 5 on 5 play, power play and man down situations.

Goalie instruction for box lacrosse focuses on angle play, movement in the net, ball stopping techniques and fast break situations.  Goalies are taught to lead the defense and be a vocal presence on the floor.  The  box lacrosse goalie position is critical in the overall success of every team.

The VIMY LACROSSE year ends with a return to the field in the Spring.  The Spring Season focuses primarily on Field Lacrosse game play.  Students are taught offensive and defensive systems, man up strategies, man down strategies and transition options.  All of the students are given the opportunity to play in the Spring and become familiar with the Field Lacrosse game. 

Junior High Program

The Junior High Program is a 5 day a week program that provides each student with 3 lacrosse sessions and two off floor sessions.  During the off floor sessions students will participate in numerous other activities to fulfill the Physical Education curriculum.  Activities include yoga, fitness, biking, basketball, soccer, football and swimming.  Students also will receive instruction in health, leadership and sports performance. 

Senior High Program

The Senior High Program is a 3 day a week program that provides each student with approximately 3 lacrosse sessions per week.  The primary focus for the senior high student is on skill development on the lacrosse field and floor.  Students will also be expected to complete a Learning Strategies course that is taught concurrently with the lacrosse instruction.  Time is allocated from the lacrosse instruction to provide high school students with instruction in additional sports and fitness.

Hockey/Lacrosse Combined Program 

For students that are interested, a combined hockey/lacrosse program is available in Junior High and High School.  The combined program allows students to split the year between the two sports.  To setup the combined program please discuss with Paul Rai prior to registration.

Watch the video below to learn more about the program or visit


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