Cardigan Mountain School vs Kent Denver JV – Video

Posted: March 30, 2012 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Field Lacrosse, Video, Vimy Lacrosse
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Cardigan Mountain School, a junior middle school located in Canaan, New Hampshire, is a strong producer of lacrosse talent in the Northeast.  The team is coached by John Bayreuther who is a strong advocate for the game of lacrosse and great teacher of the sport.  Coach Bay, as his players call him, took Cardigan to the 3D Lacrosse Camp in Florida to train and play some scrimmages.  Cardigan arrived with players from 6th grade to 9th grade.  Cardigan brings all players that are interested in the trip and Coach Bay does his best to get all the players into the scrimmages.  Watching the talent of the team it is apparent that Cardigan will have very strong teams across all their levels.  Watch the highlights from their first scrimmage against Kent Denver’s JV team.  The scrimmage was cut short due to lightning after the first half.  I will post more highlights from the other two scrimmages in the next day or two.


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