Posted: April 25, 2012 by Paul Rai in General Lacrosse

Video of New England Prep School lacrosse featuring former Vimy Lacrosse students Tristan Rai and Logan Zurfluh. Tristan is #9 for Westminster (gold team) and Logan is #18 for Trinity-Pawling (blue team).

Brotherly Love Blog

The boys are getting ready to take on Avon today and I have my fingers crossed for them as they take on one of their biggest rivals.  No love for Westy from anyone so why not beat these guys too.  In my Internet travels I came across the video from their game against Trinity-Pawling.  Trinity-Pawling had the game online and now you can watch.  If you were there you were one of the lucky ones.  For us so far away it was just nice to see my son.  I would just freeze the video and just look at him because I wanted to see him. Corny, but true.  Go Westy!  Click here to watch the game.  It takes about 6 minutes before they start moving the camera so make sure you scroll ahead.

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