Titans’ Season Starts Tomorrow

Posted: May 4, 2012 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, Junior B Lacrosse, Vimy Lacrosse
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We start the season tomorrow in Calgary and I have no idea how we will play and what the team will look like once we hit the floor running.  Jimmy will be in Calgary as well, but he will not be at the game as he has things to take care of against the Calgary Roughnecks.  That leaves Dallas Smith and I to take care of the bench.  I do know that we have some experienced players and I also know that many of them have played for us for a few years now.  We have familiar faces on the team so hopefully that will bring us some rhythm and cohesion.

The team has practiced a lot over the past six weeks and we have gone through  numerous offensive and defensive repetitions.  I am confident that we have developed a structured foundation that the players can rely on.  Now it is time to just play.  I am looking forward to this version of the Titans 2012.  We will go through some ups and downs, but I believe we have the character to do some very good things as a team.  We met as a team last night to go through some last-minute details and announce our captains for the season.  We will be led by Matt Downie as the Captain and Doug Waddell, Elton Francis, Cory Burton and Brett Reynar as our Assistants.  Now it is just time to put the ball down and blow the whistle.  Looking forward to the start of the season and I can only wonder what story will be written.

  1. Scott Downie says:

    Going to miss seeing that first game! Luck is not needed by this group as they have character and heart, along with a strong work ethic! Look out RMLL The Titans are Back!

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