Local Boy Leading Team Canada – Video

Posted: July 15, 2012 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Field Lacrosse, Video, Vimy Lacrosse
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I think it is very important to recognize people who make a difference in the lives of young athletes.  Sometimes adults get caught up in thinking that the games are for the administrators and rule makers, when it really is about the players and in most cases the young athletes.  Coaches are critical in leading and guiding the athletes.  Taylor Wray, a product of the local Edmonton lacrosse community, is one of those coaches.  Taylor is the Head Coach of Canada’s U19 team competing in the World Field Lacrosse Championships being currently held in Turku, Finland.  He assumed Head Coach responsibilities when Brodie Merrill stepped aside due to the birth of his daughter.  If you have not been keeping up with Canada’s progress the team is now carrying a 2-0 record with wins over the USA and Iroquois.  Canada became the first team to defeat the U.S. in U19 international play since sanctioned competition began in 1988. The U.S., which has won all six gold medals contested, is now 37-1 all-time.  To say the least the win was monumental for Team Canada.

I had the chance to coach and watch Taylor when he was a teenager.  He was always a force on the floor and the field.  He was strong and powerful.  He could dominate the game at the offensive and defensive ends and was a great leader.  He played at Duke, he played in the NLL and he represented Canada in the sport.  He currently is the Head Coach of St. Joseph’s University, an NCAA Division I school.  To read Taylor’s full bio click here.

This blog post is not about where Taylor is now, but where he came from.  He played his minor lacrosse in Edmonton and along with his brother made a huge impact on the Alberta lacrosse scene.  His dad was heavily involved with the local lacrosse community and many others players followed in Taylor’s footsteps.  Having Taylor as the Head Coach of Team Canada is a great mark of success for Alberta lacrosse.  He has worked extremely hard to get where he is and I hope he is able to lead Canada to the Gold Medal.  The team has a long road ahead of them and maybe another game with the Americans, but I believe they are in good hands.  Check out a brief video of Taylor after the win against the U.S.


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