Vimy Lacrosse Takes on the Bike Room – Video

Posted: November 1, 2012 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, Field Lacrosse, Video, Vimy Lacrosse
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The Junior High Program at Vimy Lacrosse is a 5-day a week program where every afternoon is dedicated to the students’ athletic development.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays the students are working on their lacrosse development, either field lacrosse or box lacrosse.  The Tuesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to other physical education curricula.  This could be a lesson in gymnastics, yoga, basketball, handball, leadership, health, fitness, strength training, nutrition and the list goes on.  This Thursday was the daunting bike room.  The bike room is where the students work.  Mr. Quinlan sets the program up and the students take his lead.  One day it could be hill training, the next day could be sprint training, the next day could be intervals.  It is always changing, it is always challenging and as you see in the video below, it is always fun.  It is a good workout with each session going for almost an hour.  By the end of the day students will have biked between 25 and 35 km all depending on the type of workout they were doing.  It is tiring just watching.


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