Titans Junior A Game 10

Posted: June 23, 2013 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, Junior A Lacrosse, Vimy Lacrosse

Game 10 was last Wednesday in St. Albert as we took on the crosstown rivals in the fourth game against each other.  It was a struggle again as the bad blood between the teams became evident as the game progressed.  The Miners run a transition game that relies on their defensive players to push the ball up the floor fast.  This can cause us significant grief as our defense has to identify their players off the bench.  We get caught in the chaos and it gives us trouble.  When we are communicating, getting our players on the floor and doing a good job picking up trailers we can control the transition.  We didn’t do a great job in the second period, but thankfully Mike DeGirolamo was able to withstand the pressure.  Our offense is built on the 5 on 5 settled situations and when we can not break through we can get shut down because we do not rely on transition to score goals.

All of this leads to a low scoring affair again (starting to sound like a broken record).  We were up early 3 – 0 only to see the small lead evaporate into a 5 – 5 tie in the third.  Our defense held tight as we were able to score two more before getting an empty netter.  Each game against the Miners is a grind.  We have to battle all 60 minutes against them and it is tense.  Give our offense credit for manufacturing goals out of something.  They compete hard for each offensive opportunity.

It has been a tough year for the Miners and as much as you want to win each and every time you play them, at the end of the game you need to respect their effort and their compete level.  Having coached eight of their players at one time in their playing career, you know those kids over on the other team are battling.  That I respect.  They are good kids playing hard for each other.  Just like the Titans.

This weekend we were to host the two Calgary teams, only to have the game cancelled due to the flooding down South.  Totally understandable as the city picks itself up after the flooding.  Hopefully the games are rescheduled and we can take another shot at the south teams in our home arena.  Next game against, you know who, the Miners in St. Albert.  Another battle brewing.


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