Vimy Summer Lacrosse Trip – Day 2

Posted: July 12, 2013 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Vimy Lacrosse

1057637_10151474378672687_1114381162_nDay 2 consisted of a practice and then rain.  The practice was a great opportunity for us to get to the field and get the sticks warmed up.  We needed the practice as the sticks were off and the kids looked a little nervous.  All the preparation went for naught as the U13 team drove to the field for an evening game only to hit a torrential rainstorm.  The kids warmed up for the game, got soaked and then found out from the tournament that the game was called off due to the bad weather.  The U15 team did not even make it to the field as they were turned around as they were in transit.  That is what I call a let down.

Now we cross our fingers and hope that the rain stays away for the next two days so we can get some games in.  A long ways to come and then to be disappointed.  Though if you look at the kids you would never see disappointment.  Even when the game was cancelled the kids still stayed on the field and played a little scrimmage.  They only quit playing when the park personnel  came by and asked us to leave so we would not damage the field.  The other team was gone in seconds, but the hearty Canadians were not going to leave without playing, even if it meant an intra squad game.

Looking forward to a little sun tomorrow.  Please.


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