Vimy Summer Lacrosse Trip – Day 3 and 4

Posted: July 14, 2013 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Vimy Lacrosse


The Tri State Tournament is now over and both teams played their hearts out.  The U13 team were only able to get three games in due to the severe thunderstorms.  They did not win a game losing one badly 9 – 1 and the other two by a couple of goals in each game.  The U15 team went 3 and 1 in the round robin before losing in the playoff round 7 to 5.  The heat took its toll on our short bench as kids were run ragged by the end of the game.  The short bench allows everyone to play, but puts us at a disadvantage as the tournament goes on.  I would rather let the kids play with a short bench because it allows our kids to get game experience, something they all need.

The kids were able to enjoy the vendors market which was loaded with great lacrosse apparel and equipment.  The entire atmosphere of the tournament was awesome as the entire park was filled with lacrosse teams and people enjoying the sport.  I think all of our kids learned more about the game.  Our U13 team were able to watch a very talented U11 team play and it was evident that those group of kids knew how to play the game.  They were able to clear the ball with precision, their longpoles were able to get the ball up the field quickly, their middies could dodge with speed and their attack could feed with both hands.  For our kids to get better at the field game they need to learn to run the field and clear the ball.  If there is one thing I hope all of our kids learned this first weekend is how hard they need to run in the field game.  The entire game is about movement and when the game gets going there are full field runs going back and forth all game.

It has been great to watch all the players enjoy this trip.  Kids will be kids.  They love the pool, they love hanging out with each other, they love competing with each other and they love being kids.  It’s fun watching them interact.  It is great to see how our Grade 9 Vimy kids get along so well with our Grade 7 kids.  They support each other and enjoy just being around each other.  It is one of the thing I enjoy the most about working at Vimy Lacrosse.  These kids have worked hard all school year and this trip is a big payoff for them.

Tomorrow NYC!


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