Vimy Summer Lacrosse Trip – Day 8 and 9

Posted: July 19, 2013 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Field Lacrosse, Vimy Lacrosse
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1071682_10151484767877687_1459961648_o The heat has been hovering at close to 100 degrees F. The kids have been great at handling the heat. We got up early on Day 8 to travel to Connecticut. We arrived at our hotel in Windsor Locks with enough time to grab a bite and settle in our rooms.   In the afternoon we traveled to Westminster school where Tristan Rai gave us a tour of the school. Tristan is entering his senior year at Westminster and was a student at Vimy Lacrosse for 5 years before heading to Westminster.  I could tell he was proud of his school and was very interested in sharing his experiences at the school with the kids. The Vimy kids also met Coach Newman the Varsity Lacrosse Coach at Westminster.  I think the tour showed the kids the opportunities that are available to them if they work hard on their academics and are prepared to show the initiative to pursue those opportunities.

After the tour we gathered on Westminster’s Hovey field.   Hovey field is the home of Westminster’s Varsity Lacrosse team and is an incredible place to play lacrosse.  Some of the dads grabbed some gear and we played a father son scrimmage. One game against the U13 and another one against the U15. It was a great afternoon.  Playing lacrosse against the kids. Sweating profusely in the heat.  Just enjoying the beautiful field and the unbelievable weather.   It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. We finished the day with a meal from Joe Pizza, the local pizza joint,  which was a perfect topping on the day.

1065780_10151486320272687_1390962044_oOn Day 9 we traveled to Williston School where we practiced as a team on their Varsity Lacrosse Field.  Chris Dietrich, the Director of Admissions and Varsity Lacrosse coach, was kind enough to arrange the practice for our team.  He met us at the field and met with the kids before practice.  The heat was relentless, but the kids practiced for about 90 minutes to get ready for the weekend tournament.  After practice we had pizza from Anotonio’s Pizza and tried to cool down a bit.  After lunch Aidan Rai gave us a tour of the school.  Aidan is entering his sophomore year at Williston.  Before Williston, Aidan was a student at Vimy Lacrosse for 6 years.    Aidan gave us a great tour of the facilities, showing the kids what is available at Williston.  We finished the tour with Mr. Dietrich talking to all the kids about Williston and answering questions from the players.

These past two days have been all about getting on the lacrosse field, seeing some very good schools and learning about the opportunities that are available to the the student-athletes.  From my end it was great to see the kids interested in the schools and I hope some of them look into the possibility of one day attending such a school.  At the minimum I want the kids to learn that doing well in school can be the ticket to a world of opportunities.  But it starts in the classroom.  It has been a very busy two days and I have to thank both Mr. Newman and Mr. Dietrich for setting up the access to the fields.  Now it is tournament time.  Up early tomorrow to travel to University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


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