Jimmy Quinlan Retires – Videos

Posted: October 19, 2013 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, NLL, Video, Vimy Lacrosse

On October 11, 2013 Jimmy Quinlan announced his retirement from the Edmonton Rush.  He ended his career as the longest serving member of the Edmonton Rush and was the only remaining player from the first year of the franchise.  He was the Captain of the team for the last two years.  Previous to Edmonton he played one season for the Toronto Rock where he won an NLL Championship.  His career stat line reads like this:

135 Games Played, 106 Goals, 123 Assists, 175 Penalty Minutes, 544 Loose Balls

I have had the opportunity to work with Jimmy for several years now at Vimy Ridge Academy and I can tell you for certain that he was prepared to play this year.  He was training for the start of the season and his goal was to come in stronger than he has been in previous years.  He dedicated all off season to that goal.  I would watch him work out and he was focused on being back as Captain of the Rush.  I think the new Collective Bargaining Agreement that is being put into place had a major effect on his retirement.  With the loss of roster spots and the league moving to younger, cheaper and less experienced players, the writing was on the wall.  I think the changes to the NLL will adversely affect the quality of the play on the floor.  Unfortunately for the Rush fans the loss of a veteran leader like Jimmy Quinlan will leave a huge hole on the team.  Jimmy will be behind the bench for the team, but it is very hard to replace that leadership void on the roster.  It will be up to others to fill that spot.

Let’s be perfectly clear and blunt about this retirement.  This is an end of an era.  The retirement of Quinlan and the retirement this year of NLL players Blaine Manning and Jon Harasym ends the Sherwood Park lacrosse connection in the NLL.  When you add the names of Ben Prepchuk and Darren Hillier to this list you have to shake your head and wonder how so many players from the Sherwood Park area made the pro lacrosse leagues.  All these players came up through minor lacrosse around the same time, they played with each other, against each other and went on to strong junior and pro careers.  My question now is where are the next group of players?  The only Edmonton product on the playing roster of the Rush is Jon Lintz.  Who is following in their footsteps?

The Edmonton Rush will benefit greatly from having Jimmy Quinlan on the bench.  He will be a fiery and passionate coach with a keen desire to win.  I really think Jimmy had two more solid years left in the league.  It’s too bad that the retirement had to come.  I know from experience that Jimmy represented the Rush with class during the worst of times, when the team was struggling and everyone looked to him for a sound bite.  I know he knew the team was close to winning the championship and he wanted to see it through and win it all for the City as Captain.   That loss in the Championship game in Rochester will always be a thorn in his side.  He was with this team through some very difficult times and recently was finally able to see some team success.  I know he is proud of being on those successful teams.  I also know that he made some serious sacrifices to be part of the Edmonton Rush.  Whatever was asked from him, he stepped up and made it work.  He went from an offensive player to a defensive player.  He changed his role for the betterment of the team.  He would fight to help change a game’s momentum.  And who can forget the day his daughter was born, when he drove back to Calgary to beat the Roughnecks in the playoffs.  He did it because he loved the game and wanted to be a part of it.  I have incredible respect for him and the way he handled himself as a member of the Rush.  He would come to school after a tough loss and handle all the questions from the students about the game.  It would be overwhelming at times, but he did it.

It was a great career.  When I coached Jimmy as a 17 year old player, I never thought that he would have a 9 year NLL career.  He proved me wrong and I have to congratulate him on his accomplishments.  He is a true competitor and I know Edmonton lacrosse fans will miss seeing him play.  I wish him the best of luck with the Rush as a coach and I do hope he finally is able to bring that championship to the City.

Click here to see Global News video and article


  1. Nadr Jomha says:

    I’m going to end it like this, I’m not buying tickets this year, but if jimmy wares a C on the back of the bench I might catch a couple this year

  2. Nadr Jomha says:

    It hasin’t really been that long, you gotta give guys a chance… There’s quite a gap between Lintz an those other guy’s, I mean atleast give guys a chance to grow through the system before you say there’s no one else following in those footsteps.

  3. Nadr Jomha says:

    I mean to go through the system.

  4. Nadr Jomha says:

    Just because a guy goes to some other province does not mean he’s got a free ticket to the NLL, I mean unless the coaches there are able to pull off magic tricks… In reality he’s got as much chance as the guy playing in Alberta, In the end the guy does not make a team because of his rep… If he’s good enough he’ll go out there and prove It on the floor in the tryouts.

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