Derek Keenan Chimes in on Alberta Lacrosse – Audio

Posted: December 16, 2013 by Paul Rai in General Lacrosse

Today on 630 CHED’s Inside Sports, Reid Wilkins interviewed Derek Keenan about the upcoming Rush season.  One of the questions that came up gave Keenan an opportunity to speak about his thoughts on the impact the Edmonton Rush have had on growth of lacrosse in Northern Alberta.  Keenan had some very interesting things to say about the lacrosse structure in Alberta and the need to focus on building a strong house league program in this province.  His message centered on creating strength in numbers that would lead to a strong program as the kids moved through Midget to Junior A.  This would require vertical alignment in Alberta, something that does not exist here in the current system.  He also made some comments on the Junior A program in Alberta.  As a regular to the Minto Cup, he knows a thing or two about the Alberta Junior A league.  Click on the link below and take a listen.  His comments about Alberta Lacrosse start at the 29:00 mark.


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