Vimy Spring Break Camp Goalie Focus with Aaron Bold

Posted: February 19, 2014 by Paul Rai in General Lacrosse

photo_2One of the primary development areas for Alberta box lacrosse is on goalie training.  Alberta lacks depth in the goalie position and this is apparent in our play at the National level.  Yes, we have some good goalies in the province, but we lack the depth in this position across the board.  Part of the reason for the lack of depth is due to a lack of role models in this position.  Young players do not have a lot of people to look up to emulate.  We are not quite in the position where fathers who played goalie are passing their tricks of the trade down to young aspiring goalies.  Another reason we struggle with goalie depth is a lack of goalie specific training.  This is changing as NLL players such as Aaron Bold are spending more time in the province working with young goalies.

The Vimy Spring Break Camp will be featuring Aaron Bold as it lead Goalie Instructor, working with the young goalies.  The camp, scheduled for April 2nd and 3rd, will include two full days of lacrosse instruction for players and goalies.  Goalies will receive personal instruction on their position as well as being integrated into drills, where they will implement the skills they are being taught.  It is critical for goalie development to receive instruction of the fundamental skills of the position.  These fundamentals will serve as the foundation of their long term development as a box lacrosse goalie.

We are excited to have Aaron Bold join the camp again this year and we look forward to seeing all the goalies working with him at the camp.  To register for the camp please click here.  


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