Vimy Lacrosse Hands out Under Armour Lacrosse Sticks – Video

Posted: April 3, 2014 by Paul Rai in General Lacrosse

Vimy_logo_BigGreat ending to the the Vimy Lacrosse Spring Break Camp as each player received an Under Armour lacrosse stick and each goalie received an Under Armour shaft for their goalie stick.  When we put the camp together this year Jimmy and I wanted to give the kids something that would inspire them and others to play the sport of lacrosse.  We decided that we were going to do whatever we could to give each player a good lacrosse stick that they could use or share with others.  With the great assistance from Under Armour Lacrosse we were able to hand out a total of 108 sticks and 20 shafts to the camp attendees.  What a great way to end off two solid days of lacrosse instruction.  The game of lacrosse is a wonderful sport and Vimy Lacrosse wants to celebrate that with each player we work with.  Thank you to all our campers and have a great lacrosse season.  Thank you to Under Armour Lacrosse for helping us get the sticks in the hands of the kids.




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