Jr A Titans Update – Video

Posted: June 13, 2014 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, Junior A Lacrosse, Video, Vimy Lacrosse

Ten games into the season and we are hovering at the .500 mark with a record of 5 and 5.  All five wins have come against our Northern counterparts, the St. Albert Miners.  We have lost 3 to the Calgary Mounties, 1 to the Calgary Raiders and 1 to the Miners.  Getting 5 wins against the Miners has been a huge advantage for us, as only the top three teams make the playoffs.  We have created a significant gap between us and the Miners, basically giving us the upper hand on the playoff spot.

Our biggest problem at this point is finding a way to beat the Calgary teams.  The Mounties are currently the top dogs in the province with the Raiders slightly behind them.  In order to establish ourselves in the league we need to be able to compete with the Southern teams.  We have made improvements this year, but we are still lagging behind the two Calgary based teams.  We have been close, but our lack of discipline has been a source of many of our problems.  We need to be more composed as a team to deal with the adversity and be more accountable with our actions on the floor.  Bad penalties, bad decisions and bad bench management has created many of our issues.

We have 8 games left all against the Calgary teams.  No excuses.  It is time to play.

Please watch below full game video of our victory over the Miners from June 11, 2014.


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