The Cage Debate Rages On

Posted: September 11, 2014 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, Vimy Lacrosse

Canadian_Lacrosse_Association_logoDave Pym is in a dogfight with the CLA over the box lacrosse cages that were introduced to players two seasons ago.  I am not on top of the processes that were followed that got us to the change of the cage.  I do know that the new cages have caused injuries as I have seen a handful of the players that I have coached receiving significant cuts on the chin.  I am not an expert on cage design, the certification process or the insurance requirements of the Canadian Lacrosse Association.  I do know Dave Pym has been vocal in his displeasure and the latest update has him suspended from the CLA for a year.  Why?  I am not so sure, but maybe you can gleam some of the background on the issue by reading his blog.  I am hoping he was not suspended for debating the merits of the cage.  That would be terrible path to go down as a governing body.  I do hope if you feel the sport of lacrosse can be improved you are not punished for speaking your mind.  I do not always agree with Dave, but I respect that that he can voice his opinions as much as I can voice mine.  The link to the blog is below.


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