Cage Debate Part 3

Posted: September 15, 2014 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Vimy Lacrosse

Canadian_Lacrosse_Association_logoThe CLA has issued a decision in the Complaint against Dave Pym for breaching the CLA Code of Conduct.  I was able to quickly read the decision and I hope to post the full document when it becomes public information.  My first impression of the whole thing is basically this; I am worried that we have come to this point in lacrosse and in sport in general.  If you have never read the CLA Code of Conduct you need to familiarize yourself with it, especially if you are a member of the CLA.  To read it go to this link and scroll down to Section 6.0.  When I read the Code of Conduct there is a lot of room to basically file a complaint against 99.9% of all CLA members.  It is that broad and that vague.

This whole issue came to light because questions were asked on the safety of the new cages.  Are we closer to improving the safety of players?  Improving the masks?  Making the game better for players and the fans?  I do not think so, but instead we are mired in Code of Conduct hearings.  Am I allowed to say anything if I am a CLA member?  That is totally based on how one reads the Code of Conduct.

Dave Pym has tweeted out over 4300 tweets on his current account.  Check it out here

You may have to wade through some interesting content to find the exact tweets or series of tweets that constituted a violation.   If you have time take a read.  Maybe there are some great words of wisdom in there as well.  Did Dave Pym embarrass someone is his tweets  or was he offensive?  I have no idea, but isn’t that what Twitter  is all about.  To share opinions, create debate and make change.  Someone is bound to be offended.  I know he offended me once or twice with his tweets.  Made me laugh some other times.  That is why I follow him.  I guess I can always unfollow him if I did not like what he was saying.  We are on a dangerous slope here.

More to come.


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