Visit the Donnan Open House to Learn More About Donnan Lacrosse

Posted: February 19, 2015 by Paul Rai in General Lacrosse

OPEN_HOUSE-698x461Please come to the Donnan School (7803 87 Street) Open House on Monday, February 23rd from 6:30 to 8:00 PM to learn more about the Donnan Lacrosse Athletic Development (LAD) Program.  Jason Knight, Paul Rai and Jimmy Quinlan will be available to discuss the program objectives and answer questions about the program.  We are very excited to offer the program for students interested in lacrosse and an active lifestyle.  The Donnan LAD program will be available for Grade 5 and 6 student-athletes, male and female, who are interested in combining the skill development of lacrosse with overall athletic enhancement. The objective of the program will be to develop a foundation of lacrosse skills while working on overall movement and sport skills, which leads to physical literacy. Student-athletes will be exposed to both field and box lacrosse, while being led through numerous other sports to build upon their active lifestyles.

If you are interested in the Donnan Lacrosse Athletic Development Program please contact Jason Knight at or Paul Rai at


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