The Chaos of Box Season is Upon Us

Posted: March 24, 2015 by Paul Rai in Box Lacrosse, Vimy Lacrosse

It is that time again, when the end of hockey season comes halting just as the lacrosse evaluations start.  It is almost feels like that dog running out the back sliding glass door and not realizing the door is still closed.  Smashes his face hard into the glass.

We all know how short the lacrosse season can be, especially when compared to the tedious length of the hockey season.  Just as the players start figuring things out the box lacrosse season ends.  So everything that will be going on in the box lacrosse season will be chaotic, hectic, unnerving, daunting and even at times alarming.  That chaos is what can also be appealing.  The chaos of the game, the speed, the transition from offense to defense, and of course the not knowing what the penalty call is.  Embrace the chaos and be prepared for a fun and exciting box lacrosse season and where possible see how you can reduce the chaos.

The beauty of the game is that kids don’t need $700 skates and $200/hr ice times to get better.  What they need is a stick, a ball and a wall.  See below for a great video of wall ball drills.  Nothing will equalize the playing field more than stick skills.  Urge your children to put the controller down and get outside (soon I hope) and work on their skills.  Urge them to be lacrosse “rats”.  Kids who have their stick in their hands 24/7 just enjoying the beauty of the game.  They will quickly find the peace of having that ball in their stick and the great feeling they have when they make a perfect pass or shot.  For the player who can master the skills the game becomes less about chaos and more about control.  Around them may be turmoil, but not for them.  For them there is calm and focus.

Enjoy the box lacrosse season.  And get on the wall!


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