Team Australia Day 2 at the WILC

Posted: September 19, 2015 by Paul Rai in General Lacrosse

The second day of the tournament saw Team Australia meeting up with Turkey in an afternoon game at the Main Onondaga Arena. The temperature in the arena was high probably hovering over 80 degrees. The boys would be sweating it out today. Turkey defeated the Swiss yesterday and with the strength of their goalie Scott Komer, were not going to be a push over.

My coaching experience has shown me that tournaments are about sustaining consistency. I also know that the adrenaline that can carry teams in the first game can be lost suddenly in game two. I was worried about a let down in this second game. The game started off exactly as we needed it to. The offense that struggled to score seven against Finland put up six early goals in the first quarter.  We had the lead at the end of the quarter by a score of 7 – 3. I thought that we had the momentum and that the game was going to proceed with us continuing to score goals and shut the door on Turkey.  Unfortunately whenever we created some separation from the Turkish team they would storm back with a couple of goals. I will give them credit they played with some intensity against us and would not go away.

Overall it is tough to be angry with the offense when you score 21 goals. We had over 70 shots on the the Turkish goalie and even with 21 goals against I would say that he had a great game. We had numerous shots right on the crease and he battled hard against us. Defensively it was a tough game. Turkey played a game where they relied on individual players to create offense and they did well at shooting from far out to score on us.

When there are 38 goals being scored in a game the game tends to be longer. Today with all the goals and all the stoppages in plays the game was dragging on. Yesterday the game against Finland seemed to go way too fast and today I felt that time was standing still while I was on the bench. It most likely was not the best game for the spectators, but the end result was a win and Australia now had two wins. Basically we control our own destiny to the next phase.

Have to recognize Matt Taylor and Caleb Hall with huge games today as Matt scored five goals and Caleb had seven points for the team. We needed a giant offensive output and both players were able to help lead the team. Defensively I thought Wade Hammond was a big leader on the back-end, When things were getting a little scary for us he would end up making a big play. We have a lot of energetic and intense players on defense and Wade is one of those guys.

On a side note Tristan was the Kangaroo suit person today. The team has determined the person who is the fines leader for the day has the honor of wearing the suit. His crimes were missing the first six practices and having his father meet up with the team before he did. I definitely think he deserved all of those fines. He does look very cute in the suit.

Switzerland tomorrow. Early morning game. Time for rest.


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