Team Australia Day 4 at the WILC

Posted: September 21, 2015 by Paul Rai in General Lacrosse


Today was a tough one. We played against a gritty Irish team and we struggled to score goals and we were very careless defensively in the first half. The Irish goalie was very good and our inability to hit out shots really hurt us. By the end of the game we were tentative with our shooting and our confidence was shot. Trevor Brennan, our goalie, was knocked out early with and ankle injury and that threw us into chaos. The final score was 12 – 4, but we were down early 8 – 2 and could never recover.

Discipline and composure are so important in these competitions. We need to better at that part of the game. I understand the adrenaline and the willingness to compete, but control is so important. When the Irish team had the power play, their Canadian players made short work of us. Stephen Keogh, a pro player for the Rochester Knighthawks, took advantage of our mistakes and scored several goals on us. Ireland scored at least five or six power play goals. Give credit where credit is due. They had a good game plan and executed it on us.

On a sidebar note, Alberta lacrosse was represented well at the game. Tristan, Ben Snider and Andrew McBride all participated in the game. I was on the Australia bench and Able Conn was on the Ireland bench. Nice to see at the end of the game that the sportsmanship and love for lacrosse was evident. Got to give Snider and McBride their dues, those two guys anchored the defense for Ireland.

Tomorrow we meet up with Finland in a rematch of our first game. We will have a different goalie in net and possibly some more changes due to injuries. Hopefully we learned some lessons and come out to play hard against this team. Let’s hope the confidence is high and the shooting accuracy is on mark. These Australian players are passionate about their team and their country. The fans of the team are so exuberant in their cheering and overall support of the team’s efforts. It is great to see. The players all mean so well in their efforts, we now need to point them in the proper direction. Their experience may be limited, but not the love for the game. They all want to win, it is so obvious. Now they are going to require a complete and near perfect performance to keep their dreams alive to move on to a Blue Division game. I am a believer of these players and their coaches. Time to get it going.


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