Team Australia Day 8 at the WILC

Posted: September 25, 2015 by Paul Rai in General Lacrosse

This one hurts. Really hurts because the team came so close to knocking this Blue Division team off. I think the English know they were pushed to the limit today and were hanging on to dear life. We battled hard today, so hard. The entire lineup competed from the first whistle and we had a chance with the last shot to tie the game. They executed the offense and the defense. We had over 70 shots on goal and many of them point blank shots on the net. We scored a late one that looked to be in, but was called off for crease violation. No matter the call the players did not give up. I know this hurts the overall standing of the team, but this could have gone either way. It is sports in the most cruelest of fashions. It can be heartbreaking and this one was just that. But we dust off the pain and get back tomorrow against the Czech Republic for the 7/8 game. The Czechs started in the Blue Division, but have hit the skids so hopefully they are a fragile team we can take advantage of. If we do the same thing as today we will be okay.

All the guys played well today. We made some great adjustments defensively to shut them down and we make some offensive shifts to create offense by coming over the top. I was impressed at how the players adjusted and how much they have learned over the past 10 days that I have been there. The competition will do that. It will force teams to get better or get crushed. These guys are getting better.

This is not an easy sport. It is a very demanding sport. It is physical and exhausting. This team is heading into its eighth game in nine days at this tournament. I have to hand it to Ian Webb and the trainers the team has brought on board. Ian has been meticulous in their preparation, their stretching, their pregame routine and their post game routine. The Australian approach is so much different that the North American approach. Their use of ice baths, measuring body weight and just tracking injuries has been a great assistance to the team. Ian knows his stuff and has been integral to this team’s overall performance. He is a true professional. Big game tomorrow and I am sure Ian will have them ready physically to play.


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