Two Weeks Left to Register for Vimy Winter Lacrosse Camp

Posted: October 20, 2015 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, Vimy Lacrosse, Winter Lacrosse

Only two weeks left before the start of the Winter Lacrosse Camp. The custom SC-1X Under Armour shafts and the Headline heads have arrived for all of our participants. The camp will run into early March and will offer participants an opportunity to develop their lacrosse skills and play in controlled scrimmages. The objective of the camp will be to allow players to work on their lacrosse skills in a supportive learning environment. We believe at Vimy Lacrosse that the development of the basic skills leads to a better lacrosse player.

There are approximately 5 spots open in each group. To register for the Winter Lacrosse, please visit and login to AAD Registration to create your profile. If you have registered with us previously, please use your current profile.

Cost: $$415 for Minityke/Tyke and Novice

$450 for all other age groups

All Sessions @ Leduc Recreation Centre (Field House)

(30 runners and 4 goalies available at each level).

Bantam/Midget/Junior Girls (2003 birthyear and older) – Tuesday Evenings/Sunday Afternoons
Minityke/Tyke (08, 09, 10 birthyears) – Sunday mornings
Novice (06, 07 birthyear) – Sunday mornings
Pee Wee Minor (05 birthyear) – Sunday afternoons
Pee Wee Major and Bantam Minor (03, 04 birthyear) – Saturday evenings
Bantam/Midget (00, 01, 02, birthyear) – Saturday evenings

(Please note that we will do our best to groups players on ability and will move players around to promote the best learning environment)

For more information on the program please email Paul Rai at To find out more information on Vimy Lacrosse please visit .


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