Successful Harvest Lacrosse League Comes to an End

Posted: October 26, 2015 by Paul Rai in Harvest Lacrosse League, Vimy Lacrosse

Last year Vimy Lacrosse decided to host a one day field lacrosse tournament to provide our Vimy lacrosse students with some needed field lacrosse game experience. We felt that our high school students were practicing daily in the Fall, but were not getting the game play opportunities to help better them as players. This year, with the great participation of local Edmonton lacrosse players, we expanded our plans and went with the Fall lacrosse league. The league played under NCAA rules with some modifications to keep the body contact minimal. Vimy put in two teams, a JV team and and Varsity team. We were joined by the Edmonton Triads, the Edmonton Warriors, the Steamwhistlers and the St. FX high school team.

The season has now come to an end and as we look back on it now we view it as a complete success. Players in the area that have been wanting to play field lacrosse in a competitive environment were able to finally participate in a league. Games were well attended and with the great support of Vimy and Donnan lacrosse parents, a concession was available for those spectators. We were treated to some great weather and some great lacrosse. This past weekend saw some very competitive and intense games. I can speak for the Vimy teams when I say their level of play has increased dramatically. It will pay huge dividends and they continue to develop as field lacrosse players. The NCAA rules created a fast paced game with emphasis on getting the ball up the field. Overall we were extremely happy with the way the league went and we look forward to growing it even more next year.

The winners of the league were the Edmonton Triads, who were pushed to the limit by a very feisty and improved Warriors team. The Warriors were forced to play four games on Sunday and were worn out by the end of the day, but they played hard against the Triads. The Triads did lose their first game in a couple of years to the Warriors, but they persevered in the end with their veteran leadership.

Field lacrosse in Edmonton is alive and kicking. The Harvest Lacrosse League will be back even bigger and better next year. Thanks to Tony deGans for his excellent leadership as Commissioner. Thanks to all the teams that participated. Thanks to all our officials, fans, volunteers and supporters. Thanks to Rick Needham for the photos you see in this post. Wait til you see our young VImy players coming down the line.

To see the statistics of the league please go to

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