Donnan Lacrosse Going Strong

Posted: January 28, 2016 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Field Lacrosse, Vimy Lacrosse


The 2015/16 school year is now past the half way mark and Donnan Lacrosse has shown excellent promise for it student-athletes. The program was built on the principle of providing a strong athletic foundation for its students while allowing them to enhance their lacrosse skills. The students have embraced this philosophy as they have been enjoying the different activities as well as the regular lacrosse training.

The Fall focus was on field lacrosse skill development as the students were instructed on the basic skills of the field game. This was the first exposure for many of the students to the field lacrosse sport and they took to it very quickly. Several of the students traveled to Denver in late October to play in their first ever field lacrosse tournament and their growth in the sport was clearly evident. It was a great experience and no one will forget spending Halloween in Denver.

When the snow hit the students moved indoors to start box lacrosse. The excitement and energy from field lacrosse carried over to the box game. Our focus continued to be on the fundamentals and it has become very clear that all the time dedicated to sticks skills has been extremely beneficial. The improvement in the skills has been phenomenal. Much of the credit goes to Jason Knight, our lead teacher at Donnan, who has been committed since Day 1 to helping the students improve in the classroom and the field.

We are now preparing to send many of our Donnan Lacrosse student-athletes to the Best of the West Tournament in Las Vegas. This will be another opportunity to experience the field lacrosse game and show our improvement. We are excited about this event and all the other events in the future that will be open to our Donnan Lacrosse program.

We are now in the process of recruiting for the 2016/17 school year for our next batch of energetic student-athletes. Donnan Lacrosse is open to all students entering Grade 5 or 6. If your child is interested in the program please contact Paul Rai at or call 780-465-5461 x185.


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