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Time and Room Shooting – Video

Posted: November 14, 2013 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Drills, Video, Vimy Lacrosse

It looks so simple, but a very difficult concept to learn.  The experts all have a different way of explaining it and I always seem to pick up a new idea from different people.  Here is a good description of how to do it properly.



It was nice to have Aaron Bold, goalie for the Edmonton Rush, out with Vimy Lacrosse today.  He worked with the Junior and Senior High goalies today and will be out regularly over the course of the Rush season.  Bold brought some great insight to the goalies and really stressed their angles and movement in the net.  It is always nice to see the pros out helping the kids.  Here is some video from today’s session including Aaron leading the goalies from up top.

My experience working with youth lacrosse players, especially when we travel down south to take on American field lacrosse teams, is that we struggle with the clearing game.  We always want to work on the offense, the power play and the other “sexy” parts of the game.  But what happens is we struggle so mightily with the clear that we never play offense.  We are stuck in our end of the field trying to defend.  Now when I work with teams I focus a lot of attention on clearing the ball.  It is a fundamental part of the game that requires careful attention.  Below you will find a video from the Duke lacrosse coaches going over the fundamentals of the clearing game.  It is a great video.  There is more.  Go to this link to see several more great coaching videos from Duke.  Make sure you look for the archived lax clinic.  Extremely valuable coaching resources for the field game.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Duke Clearing, posted with vodpod

About 5 years ago I bought a 10 x 10 x 10 golf cage so the kids could shoot lacrosse balls and pucks.  The golf cage was awesome as we would spend hours out there shooting and having competitions.  It would get intense as the kids would try to beat each other.  There is no doubt that the extra shooting was helping them improve and even more important is I got them off the PS3.  Well 5 years later the golf cage has fallen apart and I have had to take all the spare parts and string a shooting cage together.  The netting is still in good shape, but the poles have seen better days.  I need to get through this summer and then I will get a new cage next year.  As you can see we put down a patch of carpet in front of the cage because we turned the grass into dirt.  Throw in the rebounder and what we have is a little bit of lacrosse heaven in the backyard.  I have been know to go out and rip some balls just to burn of some tension.  Not the prettiest backyard, but I love it.  I don’t think my wife is as fond of the yard, but at least she knows where the boys are.  If you are interested in helping your child or yourself with shooting then invest in the cage.  It costs about $275 and can be ordered online.  Great investment and a lot of fun.  We definitely got our moneys worth.

We just completed the two day camp on Wednesday and it was a busy time.  We have over 100 campers from ages 5 to 16 out at the South Side Soccer Centre.  We used all 4 floors going at one point in the camp and from the organizational stand point it was very successful.  The Rush players were excellent working with the young players as they were enthusiastic about the game of lacrosse and excited about the players that wanted to learn more about the  game.  My thanks goes out to Jimmy Quinlan who was able to bring together a great group that included Dave Morgan, John Lafontaine, Corey Small, Zack Greer, Tyler Codron, Kedoh Hill and Mitch Anders.  They did an awesome job.

Lacrosse is a great game especially when it is played the right way with speed, great sharing of the ball and creativity.  I am hoping that all the campers had the opportunity to experience the passion of the game and learned some news skills that will pay off  for them as they progress in the game.  TLP Power has coordinated the camp for 3 years and the participation has exceeded our expectations.  With such great numbers at the younger age groups it speaks well for the future of the game in the region.

Please take a look at the video highlights of the camp plus a video of Zach Greer’s Reebok commerical.

Another great video from Notre Dame lacrosse that transfers well to the box lacrosse game.  The ability to pick up loose balls in box and field lacrosse is an important skill.  Teaching players to accelerate out of the loose ball with their stick and head up is key to loose ball success.  You can do this same drill in box lacrosse in a confined space.  Any age group can do this drill and when it is done at full speed it turns into a conditioning drill.  I did this drill with Midget box players and I added 5 burpees at the end of the loose balls to ramp up the conditioning.

I am impressed that Notre Dame lacrosse is sharing all these great videos for players and coaches.  It helps grow the game and gives coaches an insight into the different ways to teach players.  Great resource.

Jason Knight, new lacrosse fanatic, has suggested this video.  No better way to improve your basic catching and passing skills than hitting the wall.  Do not need anything except a stick, a ball, a wall and a lot imagination.