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Nanaimo and Coquitlam go at it with a bench clearing brawl in BC Intermediate lacrosse action.  Not a pretty sight as both teams end up on the floor throwing punches.  Is this what the game of box lacrosse is known for?   Scary.


Brandon Francis of the Buffalo Bandits decides to ear-hole Jimmy Quinlan last night late in the Rush vs. Bandits game.  The Bandits, totally outplayed all game, were frustrated so Francis thinks its smart to crosscheck Quinlan in the side of the head.  You can catch the crosscheck right at the beginning of the clip.  Chris Corbeil stands up to Francis and takes a few lumps to the head, but good on Corbeil who knew he was going to be in tough.  Francis is a big man and can fight and he laid a couple of licks on Corbeil.  But the Rush needed this game and that type of gamesmanship.  Good win for the Rush last night.

Now for the Bandits.  They looked slow, out of shape and just all around bad.  They had very little pace to their game and they are far from being an elite team.  They need to revamp that lineup and add some speed to their roster.  Coach Kilgour needs to rethink his strategy because it’s not working.

I would be happy to see the Rush take on the Roughnecks in the playoffs.  I would go to Calgary to watch that game.  The Rush need to take care of business as they take on three tough teams in their last three games.  One of those is against Calgary, a thorn in their side since the Rush entered the league.

The Alberta Junior B season is just around the corner and the teams in Ontario are also preparing for the season.  The Akwesasne Indians played the  Wallaceburg Red Devils in the Junior B Spring Showcase this past weekend.  It definitely would not be a Junior B game if there was not some wide open play, a couple of cheap shots and a fight. Enjoy the highlights.

The Philadelphia Wings took it on the chin on the weekend from the Rochester Knighthawks as they lost their opening NLL game 22 – 12.  As the game neared the end it got messy as a series of fights erupted on the floor.  One thing is certain, the NLL season is now in session.  Watch the video below to see some of the action.  You may need to search around the web to see the brief goalie fight.

Before I get into this post let me make it perfectly clear I am on the coaching staff of the Titans.  Am I biased? – definitely.  Okay with that on the table let’s proceed.  In the game last night which we lost 11-9 a goal was scored in the third period after a fight had started.  The referees allowed the goal stating that the fight had not been started until after the goal.  I don’t know the definition of what a fight is, but when two combatants have their gloves off and are walking to each other a fight is on.  The problem with this play is our player walks off the crease and his man buries a goal.  In the video clip you watch the Warriors player’s gloves hit the ground at the 12 second mark and the goal is scored off camera at about the 16 second mark.  I would say between three or four seconds transpire between the drop of the gloves and the goal.  In real-time this is very short, but watching the video clip you see the back referee in good position to be watching the entire play.  His eyes, however, are fixed on the ball and he does not see the fight start.  He even points to the goal being scored.  Only after he points does he recognize there is a fight.  I don’t understand how a fight can give one team a distinct advantage to score a goal.  It is one of those things where you have to shake your head.  At least we get the upper hand in the fight.

Does it make difference in the game?  Maybe, maybe not.  The Warriors played harder and they won the game.  It is our job to play the calls and not lose composure.  We did not do a good job at that.  We need to be better.  We don’t have much more room for error now as we need two straight to continue our series.  Alberta lacrosse – there is always something you never thought could happen.

Good tilts in Western Lacrosse Association action from the past week.  Nothing like a few scraps to get the lacrosse fans all riled up. One good shot by Scott Rouse.

The Western Lacrosse Association (WLA) is the home of Senor A lacrosse in BC.  Many NLL players toil in the league in the summer to stay in shape.  A lot of young players trying to make it to the NLL use the league as a way to improve their game and get noticed.  It is a very good lacrosse league that has a great tradition in BC.  For fans, the games are affordable and enable young kids to see the game of lacrosse being played at an elite level.  With the good there is always a little bad.  This past week in a WLA game things get a little crazy. Check out his video at the 1 hour and 17 minute mark to see the fun times in the Western Lacrosse Association.  Also check out the rest of the game to watch some very good lacrosse action.  You never know what you will see.