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Great save!!!!  Enough said.


Jimmy Quinlan led the senior students through a goalie/shooting drill yesterday that saw the shooters working on quick releases and the goalies working on angles.  If you look closely you will see Jimmy ripping a few into the net.  He is getting ready to play on Saturday and the way the Rush are playing they will need his offence from the back gate.  I love goalies like Lukas (in the video) that come to work and take shots.  Lukas never takes a shortcut and is prepared to step in there for point-blank shots.  He works on his part of the game while the players are firing away.  Lukas represents what is so positive about The Lacrosse Program.  A great student-athlete who loves the game of lacrosse and loves being a part of the school.  He has been able to excel in his academics while being involved with the sport of lacrosse.  It does not get much better than that.  As an instructor at the program I appreciate the efforts of such great young men.

Being a lacrosse goalie in box lacrosse or field lacrosse requires an individual with determination and a little bit of craziness.  In Alberta we have a few solid goalies in both the box and field game.  We do struggle though, at getting young kids interested in playing the goalie position.  We do not have a lot of tradition in the sport where kids follow older players into the position.  We also struggle with coaching these young players.  So when any type of information comes available I like to watch it and learn from it.  Here are some field lacrosse tips for aspiring goalies.  This is from a past United States Lacrosse convention.