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It was an unbelievable night.  #81 raised to the rafters, the Rush winning big over the Roughnecks and Vimy students celebrating with Jimmy Quinlan as his jersey is retired.  I know personally through Jimmy’s work with my three kids that he is a relentless coach that demands perfection.  His intensity and drive can feel like a battering ram coming at you, but he has an incredible desire to make you a better player.  I appreciate the efforts he has made with my kids and I feel that the students at Vimy also appreciate his work.  It was not more evident than Friday night when the Vimy students were able to get on the floor as his jersey went up at Rexall Place.  It may be the end of Jimmy’s playing career with the Rush, but we know his work at Vimy will continue for years to come.


Cool video, with the many faces of Jimmy Quinlan.  He sure looked young in a few of those shots.  Great career.  I have learned a lot from him and my kids have learned a lot from him.  He’s still teaching them.  You don’t survive in pro lacrosse for that long unless you have some serious determination.  Very disappointed I was not there tonight to see the number go in the rafters, but from what I hear it was a great night capped off with a serious ass kicking of the Roughnecks.  I tip my hat.


What will 2014 bring this lacrosse season?  Will the Rush bring a playoff game back home?  Will Canada take the World Field Championships in July?  What will the Minto Cup look like this summer?  Who will reign supreme in the NCAA college lacrosse season?  The lacrosse season for 2014 has begun.  Did you know that there are some Division I scrimmages scheduled for the end of January?  I have no idea how much fun that would be if there snow was flying, but the season is just weeks away.  I hope your 2014 lacrosse season is a great one.  Even if the wins do not pile up, go out, pick up your stick and enjoy the opportunity to play this great game.  Vimy Lacrosse will be going hard again in five days and our recruitment for the 2014/15 year now starts.  I am looking forward to working with the next great group of student-athletes.  Have a great 2014. 





downloadMerry Christmas and I hope you awoke today to loads of lacrosse gear and swag.  The Edmonton Rush players hopefully aren’t loading up on too much turkey and Wild Turkey as they are just three days away from their opening game against the Colorado Mammoth in Colorado.  We know the Rush are bringing back a great defense, but will their offense be able to keep pace to finally get this team a championship?  The new roster rules may play a huge part this season as practice roster players will need to be able to step in immediately when called on.  Also, with only 16 runners on the bench, conditioning will be a premium.  Thus back to hoping the boys are laying off the Christmas Cheer.

Take a look at The Lacrosse Network’s preseason analysis of the Edmonton Rush.

Full game video from last week’s exhibition game last week between the Minnesota Swarm and the Rochester Knighthawks.  The NLL season is just around the corner.

The quality is not great, but you can definitely appreciate the skill and speed of the pro league in the 1970s.

1974 NLL Action – Video

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Vintage full game video.  Sit back with some popcorn and enjoy.