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I am a Dartmouth man and I can tell you that Harvard can really rub me the wrong way.  I can remember my days at Dartmouth just getting creamed by the Harvard hockey team.  Yes, Dartmouth Hockey was in complete disarray at the time, but Harvard was relentless in trying to just pound us into oblivion.  Dartmouth Hockey has come a long ways since then under the guidance of Coach Bobby Gaudet.  I can tell you that leadership matters and Dartmouth Hockey now has a strong leader that sets high standards of expectations for the players and the program.

Dartmouth Lacrosse is facing some struggles now as they currently sit at 2 -7 and have not had a winning season since 2006.  What does this have to do with the video I am posting?  As much as I can not stand Harvard, I have to respect their confidence and brashness.  I don’t know if this video truly represents what happens with Harvard Lacrosse, but they truly know how to get their message across.  I think Dartmouth Lacrosse could use some of that swagger.  Take a look and decide yourself.


Great update article from Jason Donville on the status of Canadians playing NCAA lacrosse.  I think the greatest part of the article is the strong growth of players from Alberta making it to the NCAA.  Canadians are becoming better field lacrosse players and when coupled with the great box lacrosse instincts, Canadians are making a big impact south of the border.  When looking at the list there must be a note of caution.  Not all NCAA Division I schools are equal.  Student-athletes that want to play Division I lacrosse need to know everything they can about the school they are planning to attend.  Academics should be the number one factor to consider and there are some NCAA schools that fall significantly behind Canadian schools when compared side to side.

Click here to read the article.

Thanks to Rod Payne who authored the following article on CUFLA (The Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association).  Rod played in CUFLA when he attended Western.  He is a proud supporter of CUFLA and is heavily involved in minor lacrosse in the Edmonton region.  This is a good read and we hope to provide more information on CUFLA opportunities in the near future.

If you ask most high school Lacrosse players in Canada what their lacrosse dreams are, most will say they want to play field lacrosse at an NCAA school.  An admirable goal but at what cost will some players go to achieve the NCAA dream?  The fact is too many Canadian players are choosing sub-standard educations at marginal U.S. schools.  Even worse, with only so many athletic scholarships available (12.6 for an entire team at Div. I schools) a majority of players end up paying for all or part of a very expensive U.S. education from institutions that many Canadian employers do not even recognize.

Is there another option available? Absolutely!  The Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association (CUFLA) has been in existence for over 26 years.  Twelve universities in Ontario and Quebec participate in the league.  Five of the universities (Western, University of Toronto, Queen’s, McMaster, McGill) rank in the top 200 of all universities in the world (US News World’s Best Universities).  Tuitions are affordable, campuses are safe and employers are hungry to employ the graduates.

The lacrosse teams at the 12 universities range from fully funded varsity programs to club teams sponsored by the university.  Prominent current players in the league include Scott Tinning (Western/Edmonton Rush), Sean Thompson (Guelph/Minnesota Swarm), Corey Fowler (Carlton/Jr. A. Money Baller), Josh Wasson (Carleton/ Toronto Rock).

Former Team Canada members Greg Kent, Randy Mearns, Mac Allen, Jon Sullivan, Colin Doyle, Shawn Williams and coaches Ed Comeau and John Mouridian have all cut their teeth in CUFLA as players or coaches.

While athletic scholarships are not available for any sport at Canadian Universities each institution has multiple academic and charitable scholarships available to students.  These scholarships can be viewed on-line at most university websites.

As part of our trip to the tournament in Annapolis we arranged a tour of Georgetown.  Travis Comeau, who worked for The Lacrosse Program in the Fall of 2008, is a student at Georgetown.  Travis plays for the Georgetown lacrosse team and is a sophomore at the school.  Last year as a freshman he was second in team in scoring with 25 goals and 5 assists.  That is a huge accomplishment for the young man out of Red Deer.  Travis embodies perseverance.  As a small player he has always had to work hard for everything he gets.  He takes a beating and finds a way to score goals.  Russ Sheppard, a great lacrosse coach and mentor, identified Travis’ talents and suggested he attend The Hill Academy to hone his skills.  After convincing his parents that The Hill Academy was a good opportunity he left home and played under Brodie Merrill.  It was there that he was able to showcase his scoring ability and this led to his recruitment to Georgetown.

We made contact with Travis and he arranged for us to meet at the Georgetown campus.  After a great meal in the Georgetown area he took us on a tour of the campus.  We visited the Hoyas playing field, the John Thompson trophy room, the basketball practice facility and a couple of academic buildings.  It was a great experience for the kids and it hit home for a lot of them.  They saw the possibility of one day going to college and maybe playing college lacrosse.  The Georgetown campus is beautiful and I was thankful that Travis was able to spend some time with the kids and share his time at Georgetown.  It was a one of the highlights of the trip.  Check out the video below of our tour.

Great Recruiting Articles

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Finding information on the recruiting process can be a difficult chore.  What can also be difficult is finding out what coaches are looking for.  ESPN RISE is a website that has produced some great articles on the recruiting process and information directly from coaches.  Visit the links below to read some excellent background on the recruiting road.

Lacrosse Scholarship Breakdown – How many lacrosse scholarships are available and how are they broken down within a team?

Lacrosse Expansion Deepening the Pool – How the expansion of lacrosse in North America is affecting the recruiting process.

Getting Noticed – Lacrosse coaches advise athletes on how to get noticed.

Picking Lacrosse Events – What events should lacrosse players be attending?

The Role of Club Lacrosse – What role does club lacrosse play in the recruiting process?

The Highlight Tape – What is the purpose of the highlight tape?

Today in the Program we had the opportunity to sit down with the students and begin developing their academic and athletic profile.  This profile will form the foundation of their recruiting package.  This package will be the information that they will share with college coaches during their recruiting process.  Not all of our students will want to pursue a post secondary opportunity, but we feel that working through this process will, at the minimum, give students the chance to develop a portfolio of their accomplishments.  This can then be used to assist students in building their resumes for work or for a college application.

One thing we have recognized is that students need to know what the recruiting process is all about and how much work is required to market yourself to coaches.  Getting exposure in Alberta can be difficult, but can be done.  Students need to invest their time into making themselves known to NCAA coaches.  We will continue to work with the students to educate them and lead them through the development of their profile.

Update – Rising Canadian Field Players

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Article, which we posted a week ago here on this blog, on the rising stars of Canadian Field Lacrosse can now be found on Inside Lacrosse. It is great to see young Canadian lacrosse players getting recognized on one of the top lacrosse websites in the US. Click here to see the article.