Vimy alum, Dallas Smith and his Binghamton Bearcats, took on Syracuse in recent Fall Ball action.  Dallas, coming off an injury last season, has been working hard to get back into the lineup.  He missed the entire season last year and it is great to see him back on the field.  See below for highlights from the game.  You can catch Dallas (#26) in a couple of the clips and late in the video he sets up a great goal.  Hope to see more of those this Spring.

Watch below for great college fall ball action.  Make sure to look for Erik Turner, a Vimy alum,  in the Cornell game. Erik is making a strong case for a starting attack position at Cornell this season.

harvestcup-wrapThe 1st Annual Vimy Lacrosse Harvest Cup was a huge success this past weekend. The Vimy Ridge High School team was able to compete against great players from the Edmonton area, including some with NCAA lacrosse experience.

The temperature was beautiful and the games were intense. The Vimy alumni team made it to the finals of the tournament against a very experienced Triads men’s team who went on to win the 1st Harvest Cup.

Jason Knight, a teacher at our sister school Donnan, was on the Triads team as their goalie. Mr. Knight stood on his head the whole tournament and was the player of the game in the final.

It was a great experience for the students of Vimy Ridge, and most of the junior high lacrosse student-athletes turned out to support their friends on the High School team.

Vimy Ridge would like to thank everyone who made this tournament possible, including the Triads, St. FX school, the U of A, and the alumni of Vimy Ridge who took the time to come out and play.  Also a big thank you to the referees and volunteers that helped make this event so successful.

Congratulations to the Triads and good luck as we hope they return to defend their title next year.

watch this guy and play like he plays.  Jordan Wolf is fast, tough and incredibly skilled.  All 5’9″ of him.

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Cage Debate Part 3

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Canadian_Lacrosse_Association_logoThe CLA has issued a decision in the Complaint against Dave Pym for breaching the CLA Code of Conduct.  I was able to quickly read the decision and I hope to post the full document when it becomes public information.  My first impression of the whole thing is basically this; I am worried that we have come to this point in lacrosse and in sport in general.  If you have never read the CLA Code of Conduct you need to familiarize yourself with it, especially if you are a member of the CLA.  To read it go to this link and scroll down to Section 6.0.  When I read the Code of Conduct there is a lot of room to basically file a complaint against 99.9% of all CLA members.  It is that broad and that vague.

This whole issue came to light because questions were asked on the safety of the new cages.  Are we closer to improving the safety of players?  Improving the masks?  Making the game better for players and the fans?  I do not think so, but instead we are mired in Code of Conduct hearings.  Am I allowed to say anything if I am a CLA member?  That is totally based on how one reads the Code of Conduct.

Dave Pym has tweeted out over 4300 tweets on his current account.  Check it out here

You may have to wade through some interesting content to find the exact tweets or series of tweets that constituted a violation.   If you have time take a read.  Maybe there are some great words of wisdom in there as well.  Did Dave Pym embarrass someone is his tweets  or was he offensive?  I have no idea, but isn’t that what Twitter  is all about.  To share opinions, create debate and make change.  Someone is bound to be offended.  I know he offended me once or twice with his tweets.  Made me laugh some other times.  That is why I follow him.  I guess I can always unfollow him if I did not like what he was saying.  We are on a dangerous slope here.

More to come.

Update on the Cage Debate

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Canadian_Lacrosse_Association_logo I have been recently informed that Dave Pym was not sanctioned for any comments that he made about the cages, especially as it related to his opinion.  He was sanctioned for making statements of fact about the CLA and members of the board that were false and were defamatory.  I hope to have the actual written reasons from the CLA so we can post them.  It is important to get both sides of the story so I hope to provide more information in the future.

The Cage Debate Rages On

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Canadian_Lacrosse_Association_logoDave Pym is in a dogfight with the CLA over the box lacrosse cages that were introduced to players two seasons ago.  I am not on top of the processes that were followed that got us to the change of the cage.  I do know that the new cages have caused injuries as I have seen a handful of the players that I have coached receiving significant cuts on the chin.  I am not an expert on cage design, the certification process or the insurance requirements of the Canadian Lacrosse Association.  I do know Dave Pym has been vocal in his displeasure and the latest update has him suspended from the CLA for a year.  Why?  I am not so sure, but maybe you can gleam some of the background on the issue by reading his blog.  I am hoping he was not suspended for debating the merits of the cage.  That would be terrible path to go down as a governing body.  I do hope if you feel the sport of lacrosse can be improved you are not punished for speaking your mind.  I do not always agree with Dave, but I respect that that he can voice his opinions as much as I can voice mine.  The link to the blog is below.