Box Lacrosse in the US

Posted: December 16, 2014 by Paul Rai in Alberta Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, Video, Vimy Lacrosse

So Americans are taking up the box lacrosse game.  That is what happens when a bunch of box players beat the Dream Team.  One thing I know for sure is that the Americans will exploit it, market it, sell it and hype it.  They will also get very good at box lacrosse because Americans love to take something athletic and coach the crap out of it.  They will put together box lacrosse programs, camps and showcases because it is the new flavor.  And their kids will get better at the box lacrosse game.  So the question is, will the Canadians take their box game and make sure the young Canadians keep their competitive advantage over their American counterparts.  Are we relying on the Canadian Lacrosse Association to be the leaders of this box lacrosse resurgence?  If we aren’t careful we may lose some ground.

Vimy Lacrosse Gets Shooting Cage – Video

Posted: November 30, 2014 by Paul Rai in General Lacrosse

Another training tool has been added to the Vimy Lacrosse program to help student-athletes improve their game.  Vimy Lacrosse has acquired a 60 foot shooting cage that will enable players to work on their shooting during the cold winter months.  The enclosed cage can be put up in 5 minutes and it is ready to go.  Our goalies, both in field and box lacrosse, can now get extra work in the cage.  We are excited about this addition as we can specifically work with students to fine tune their shooting.  See the video below to see the cage in action.



Some very good points about the college recruiting process with respect to Canadians.  I agree the recruiting process has accelerated too fast and the timeline needs to be pushed back.  That is up to the college coaches to change.  Kids from Ontario can drive 6 or 7  hours to recruiting events.  For Western Canadians the travel can be be prohibitive to get to events where there are college coaches.  What do you think?


After nine weeks of intense field lacrosse training, the Fall Ball season comes to an end for Vimy Lacrosse.  The Fall at Vimy Lacrosse follows a similar structure that student-athletes would experience at an NCAA institution during the Fall season.  Student – athletes are welcome back to the school and quickly immersed in an intense field lacrosse curriculum that features individual work, team training, scrimmages and game situations.  Our students were able to participate in the first annual Harvest Cup hosted at Vimy Ridge, the U of A Field Lacrosse Tournament, the Spokane Northwest Classic and the Seattle Adrenaline Tournament.  Overall this Fall Season was the most successful season on record with our students playing in over 25 fall ball games.  This is the type of experience that we are striving for.  More game experience allows our students to implement what they are learning in our daily practices.  As we move forward we will continue to see the Fall season being an extremely important part of the students overall lacrosse development.

Having just returned from the Seattle Adrenaline Tournament with our Middle School team and our High School team we are quickly realizing the students are making significant progress in their development.  The Middle School team went 2 and 3 and the High School team went 4 and 1 over the weekend in Seattle.  Each game was extremely competitive with no blowouts.  In retrospect, it is clearly evident our players are improving in their overall skills, their understanding of the game and their execution.  We still need work in specific areas to make the next jump forward, but much progress has been made.  Clearing, defensive play, offensive sets, extra man offense, extra man defense and faceoffs are areas that need more focus.  The positive is that the students are better and have worked hard to improve.  If they continue this effort the the ceiling is very high.  It definitely has been a busy fall, but a very enjoyable one.  Now time for box lacrosse to start.

Check out below how far we have come.  Seattle in 2014 and Seattle in 2007.

Seattle 2014 (2)


Seattle 2007








Vimy alum, Dallas Smith and his Binghamton Bearcats, took on Syracuse in recent Fall Ball action.  Dallas, coming off an injury last season, has been working hard to get back into the lineup.  He missed the entire season last year and it is great to see him back on the field.  See below for highlights from the game.  You can catch Dallas (#26) in a couple of the clips and late in the video he sets up a great goal.  Hope to see more of those this Spring.

Watch below for great college fall ball action.  Make sure to look for Erik Turner, a Vimy alum,  in the Cornell game. Erik is making a strong case for a starting attack position at Cornell this season.

harvestcup-wrapThe 1st Annual Vimy Lacrosse Harvest Cup was a huge success this past weekend. The Vimy Ridge High School team was able to compete against great players from the Edmonton area, including some with NCAA lacrosse experience.

The temperature was beautiful and the games were intense. The Vimy alumni team made it to the finals of the tournament against a very experienced Triads men’s team who went on to win the 1st Harvest Cup.

Jason Knight, a teacher at our sister school Donnan, was on the Triads team as their goalie. Mr. Knight stood on his head the whole tournament and was the player of the game in the final.

It was a great experience for the students of Vimy Ridge, and most of the junior high lacrosse student-athletes turned out to support their friends on the High School team.

Vimy Ridge would like to thank everyone who made this tournament possible, including the Triads, St. FX school, the U of A, and the alumni of Vimy Ridge who took the time to come out and play.  Also a big thank you to the referees and volunteers that helped make this event so successful.

Congratulations to the Triads and good luck as we hope they return to defend their title next year.